Gift Catalogue

Gift Baskets 

By purchasing a Basket of Love, you can transform the life of someone in need.

Each Basket of Love is specially designed to meet the most immediate needs of the person receiving it. From Education to Medical Supplies, to Food, these baskets bring practical help and hope for the future to a family devastated by poverty.

Basket of Food

Your gift of a Basket of Food provides essential food for one family for a whole month. Each basket includes local food, including rice, cooking oil, canned fish, assorted drinks and biscuits. Children will be nourished, rejuvenated and given the strength to carry on in the midst of adversity.



Baskets of Hope

When you give a Basket of Hope you are providing children and families with the opportunity for food and health for tomorrow, and new horizons and income for years to come. Goat milk and meat will provide nourishment and income.



Basket of Education

Our ACCESS program provides educational opportunities for children who are not part of our sponsorship program. Your $75 gift will provide a student in need of support with learning materials, health care and nutrition required to attend classes regularly and succeed in school.



Basket of Medical Supplies

Your gift basket of medical supplies will help improve health services for indigenous women in rural Guatemala, reducing preventable deaths of mothers and babies by providing medical supplies and teaching health practices.



Four-Fold Blessing Basket

Give a Basket of Food, a Basket of Hope, a Basket of Education and a Basket of Medical Supplies to children and families.  All of these basic things are readily available in Canada but are beyond the means of families living in poverty. Together, we can give a lasting gift of love.